Welcome to my campaign’s web site!

Where Are Dave’s Signs?

DELDOT asked that all candidates remove their signs before Tropical Storm Sandy arrives.  There is a concern that the signs could come loose and cause damage.  We removed all of my signs on Saturday.  If you see signs that are still up during the storm, you can assume that those candidates are not as concerned about public safety as I am.  Now, back to the web site….

I have always believed that as patriotic Americans we have an obligation to serve our country. This belief led me to volunteer for the Army after I finished college. It is the reason I have spent a lot of my career teaching, the reason that I serve on US and international policy bodies, and the reason that I’m running to serve our community in the Delaware legislature.  I am proud to be the endorsed Democratic candidate in this race.

I am the only Veteran in this race. I am the only candidate with business experience (35 years in the oil, chemicals, and mining industries). I am the only candidate with national and international policy making experience. I will use that experience to bring our consituents the services that we deserve and to be a leader in Legislative Hall.

Please feel free to contact me. My e-mail is Dave@Dave4DE.com and my telephone number is 983-2622.

You can learn more about me and my ideas by reading the other pages on this site.